We film and produce music videos for the world’s most successful Salsa bands, including the incredible Los Van Van. Have a look and get addicted.
It is our pleasure to show some of the music videos filmed and created by our own Maestro Alejandro Valera and his sidekick Duncan Kane. We hope you enjoy this selection of films and you can be sure that with Tumbao you have a place at the very heart of Cuban Salsa culture – we may even let you in one of our films! Check out Youtube for more films from Tumbao’s Alejandro Valera and watch out for some new ones we’ve just finished for Adalberto Alvarez and also Songomania.

El Niño Y La Verdad “Vuelve a La Habana”

This is the latest video from El Niño Y La Verdad. We shot this film in Havana, Glasgow and Edinburgh. The club scenes are from our Mango Sunday club and thanks to everyone there for agreeing to appear in the video. Have a look and see if you are in it!


Samuel Formell y los Van Van – Amiga mía

This is the latest video from perhaps the greatest Salsa band of all time – Cuba’s Los Van Van. Filmed on location in Havana it’s an updated version of band founder Juan Formell’s song Amiga Mia. This version is sung by Mandy Cantero and it’s a beautiful song to a beautiful friend.


Making of the music video for “SOMOS DIFERENTES”

So you can see the development process of these music videos here is the behind the scenes “Making of” film of the video we did for the Van Van song ‘Somos Diferentes.’ Directed and filmed by Ale and Duncan the making of film shows the filming in Havana and in London


Yumurí y Sus Hermanos “Se Acabó Tu Carnaval”

Another video from Ale from 2017 one of Cuba’s more Traditional salseros Yumurí, as always with all the energy that Cuban dance culture brings.



One of my favourite of Ale’s films for Los Van Van. Part of the idea for this video was based on a visit to a salsa class in Cuba that Ale attended while working on another project. There he met a certain Farah Portela Alonso. The refrain repeats “That’s why i’m going around looking for a Vanvanera” Well, you’ll finfd them in the Tumbao Salsa School. Almost 2 million views and counting.


Manolito y su Trabuco – TU ME DEJASTE

The amazing Manolito Simonet one of the best live Sala bands and one of Cuban Salsa’s greatest modern composers with his song Tu Me Dejaste



Another great video from Ale for Los Van Van. A more narrative type of video don’t be fooled, it was absolutely freezing when the swimming pool scenes were filmed. Sung by Van Van singer Lele (a qualified lawyer and all round good guy) make sure you keep watching till the end.